Now more than ever, clinics have the option to provide a safe, secure and private home for their patient exam data – all in the cloud.

Oakland, NJ: Topcon Healthcare Solutions has announced the release of Topcon Cloud, an add-on module that is ready for Topcon devices with the IMAGEnet 6 software. Topcon Cloud is intended for the secure backup and archiving of patient exam data in the cloud. The company points out that this backup and archiving solution is essential for healthcare practices because of the rapidly expanding volume of patient exam data that they need to keep in storage.

John Trefethen from Topcon Healthcare Solutions says, “One of the greater benefits of Topcon Cloud is discovering peace of mind when it comes to storing and archiving data, along with control over a secure backup and archive solution. With an active subscription, end users experience and have access to a system that not only is compliant to ISO and HIPAA regulations, but is also automated, scalable, and affordable.”

Topcon Healthcare Solutions is a software-first company with decades of clinical experience and leading ophthalmic devices. They state that they are currently designing and developing their products in such a way as to maximize the customer experience and satisfaction. This is accomplished by promoting better user experiences in addition to providing diagnostic applications that can help clinicians when making difficult diagnostic decisions.

John Trefethen says, “With the continuous growth of medical practices and an increasing number of patients that are attended daily, local storage on each instrument is reaching capacity. Clinics are required to find alternative ways to store patient exam data, which in turn can be time-consuming and costly. Topcon Cloud is the automated solution.”

In cloud storage, the exam files are sent to remote servers that are accessed through the Internet or “cloud.” A web-based API is used to provide users with a virtual data center. The advantage is that users can access the data wherever they are as long as there is Internet access. Furthermore, Topcon Cloud is affordable and accessible through today’s modern browsers.

According to Topcon Healthcare Solutions, Topcon Cloud can be used to maximize efficiency and productivity in healthcare practice. It allows for native integration with Topcon devices, and there is no longer any need for manual backups. The system is also easy to install, configure and setup. It is easily scalable, so there is no worry about having to make major modifications to the system when the practice expands. For older patient exam data that are not used frequently, these can be archived in the cloud. And finally, it is possible to view the data regardless of the location of the user as long as he has the proper login-in credentials and there is Internet access.

Furthermore, Topcon Cloud allows for file disaster recovery, it is equipped with an activity log and audit trail, and notification about software updates is provided. And because it is designed for healthcare practices, it complies with all privacy laws and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). For security, it makes use of data encryption and user authentication. And for further protection, it makes use of the Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

The Topcon Healthcare Solutions spokesperson points out that the Topcon Cloud is a more affordable and simpler solution compared to increasing local data storage when healthcare practices discover that they have reached the maximum limit of the installed hard drive space. Archiving of old patient exam data would free up space in local storage, and all data can be backed up using the Topcon Cloud. The result is peace of mind, as pointed out by the spokesperson.

With Topcon Healthcare Solutions continuously developing products like the Topcon Cloud, those in healthcare practices may want to visit the company website at from time to time to get information on new developments and updates.