Topcon Healthcare Solutions has announced that they have attended the Vision Expo West (VEW) 2018, which was held on September 26 to 29, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV, where they officially introduced Topcon Cloud, a software for the backup and archiving of patient exam data in the cloud. VEW was an event for ophthalmic professionals where they were provided with the latest information on developments regarding eye care. VEW also provided educational materials to more than 6,500 optometrists, opticians, ophthalmic technicians, and practice staff.

Topcon Cloud is an add-on module that is suitable for Topcon devices running the IMAGEnet 6 software. This is intended for cloud storage of patient data and the secure backup and archiving of patient data. The company explains that this backup and archiving software is vital for healthcare practices because of the rapidly expanding quantity of patient data that they need to keep securely in their database.

John Trefethen from Topcon Healthcare Solutions says, “One of the major benefits provided by Topcon Cloud is that healthcare organizations would be able to store and archive data securely. It also provides a secure backup and archive system. Through a subscription, the end users can access a system that does not only comply with ISO and HIPAA regulations, but also has features that are scalable, automated, and affordable.”

Cloud storage means that the data are transmitted to remote servers that are accessed through the Internet or “cloud”. Also, it offers the benefit of being affordable and making it easy to share files. And just like the Internet, it can be accessed by a number of operating systems. Its primary purpose is to provide a way to backup data and archive data that is not used very often. The Topcon Cloud software also provides the kind of security that is needed for healthcare data.

John Trefethen explains, “Because of the incessant growth in medical practices and the ever-rising number of patients who need medical care every day, the local storage found on every computer in these practices will soon reach their maximum capacity. This means that these clinics have to look for other ways to store their patient data, which can be very expensive and time-consuming. Topcon Cloud is available as the solution for relatively low-cost storage that is easily expandable.”

According to John Trefethen, the Topcon Cloud software will allow healthcare practices to optimize their productivity and efficiency. This software can be integrated with Topcon devices, and this offers the benefit of eliminating the need for manual backup. Furthermore, the software is easy to set up, install, and configure. Expanding storage in Topcon Cloud is easy and simple when the practice expands, and the storage’s maximum capacity has been reached. Relatively old patient data that are not used that often can be archived in the cloud with Topcon Cloud. And finally, users can access the data wherever the user is located as long as there is Internet access and they have the login-in credentials required for the security of the system.

Topcon also pointed out that with Topcon Cloud, file disaster recovery is possible. It features an activity log and audit trail, and notifications are sent out regarding software updates. The Topcon Cloud module has been designed to comply with the requirements and regulations of all of the privacy laws and the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). To ensure security, this software utilizes data encryption and user authentication.

John Trefethen also points out that the Topcon Cloud is simpler and less expensive when compared to the alternative of expanding the local data storage in the healthcare practice when their installed hard drive space is no longer capable of holding all of the patient data. By archiving old and rarely used patient exam data, more space can be had in the local storage and then all of the data can be backed up by using Topcon Cloud. This means peace of mind for the administrator of the healthcare practice.

Those in healthcare practice may be interested in visiting the Topcon Healthcare Solutions website regularly to remain updated regarding new developments on this cloud storage software. Changes and improvements to the software may be regular occurrences as the company is continually finding ways to improve on its software solutions. For a recap of the VEW and to learn what Topcon is planning for next year’s event visit