Topcon Healthcare Solutions, a software diagnostics company, announced recently that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted the company’s request to market Topcon Harmony, the next generation diagnostic application for eye-care specialists. Topcon Harmony is a responsive browser-based software application for on-site or cloud hosted environments.

Topcon Harmony is a newly cleared class II medical diagnostic data management application.

Topcon Healthcare Solutions recently announced the release and clearance of Topcon Harmony, a class II medical diagnostic software. Topcon Harmony is a brand new application that gives clinicians the ability to streamline their practice workflow through an all-new user interface that leverages Topcon’s extensive instrument knowledge while displaying patient data in clinically meaningful ways.

One of the most obvious items users will notice is the clean, standards-based user interface. According to John Trefethen, “The team used the material design standards to simplify the user experience and build upon common user interface guidelines published by today’s leading technology companies.” Material Design is an adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practice of user interface design that can be found at The new interface focuses on neutral colors allowing users to focus on patient images and exam data without distraction.

As part of this new application, Topcon Harmony includes a new timeline graph which gives users precise access to patient exam histories by time and modality regardless of what instrument or manufacture the data originally came from. The innovative feature provides immediate access to patient exam history in a creative, multi-modal time array.

The Historical Comparison feature exhibits side-by-side patient exam comparisons without searching and with a single click. This improved feature allows clinicians to compare historical patient data quickly and from multiple instruments.

Topcon demonstrated Harmony at the AAO Annual Meeting where the top Ophthalmologists meet to see what is new in eye care. The feedback at the show was very encouraging. Thai Do, Topcon Harmony’s Product Manager, recalls, “The excitement in the booth at AAO was very encouraging. We are setting a new standard in data management software and the comments and feedback at the show validate that we are heading in the right direction.”

For those that missed the recent trade show demonstrations or for those that want to learn more, Topcon is hosting a webinar series to demonstrate the new software. For more information visit our product page and request a demonstration at